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As a recognized leader in the business aviation industry since 1981, UUDS Group offers a full range of high quality services including :

• Cabin interior equipment :
Maintenance and first installation, refurbishment, manufacturing, repair on galleys structure and electrical circuit and leather/plastic repair.

• Sanitary and various chemical treatments meeting IATA, Border Health Control and WHO requirements and guaranteed full efficiency :
Disinsectisation, Disinfection and rodent extermination by fumigation.

• A dry/wet cleaning process for exterior aircraft :
Ecoshine® Solution improving Environmental impacts, Costs, Aircraft Aspect, and Maintenance (no discharge on the ground and water consumption divided by 100).
Ground time saving.
  • Our skills

Values and Quality Policy

Committed for over 20 years to an approach based on management through quality, UUDS Group's strategy has always been focused on quality of service, performance, clients satisfaction and the sustainability of its business.


These foundations are based on a set of fundamental values which are the core of our organization as well as our strength and are present at every level of the company.


Inorder to satisfy the requests of our clients and to take into consideration the environment along with safety matters, the UUDS management focuses its Quality policy on the slogan “Our innovation drives your excellence” according to the following key themes :

• Be dynamic and profitable in order to finance the future
• Aim for excellence in all our services
• Develop our capacity for innovation and create value
• Build our success together

Social Responsibility of Companies

The intrinsic values that we have been defending since our company's creation constitute today a capital that we must build upon. We wish to see them evolve under a more responsible, more respectful and more sustainable aegis.
Pressure from civil societies and regulatory impacts have reinforced our area of responsibility, particularly concerning our international growth.

Aware of these new challenges and anxious to respond effectively, UUDS takes into account the economic, social and environmental implications of its activity in France and throughout the world.
The Group has chosen a forward-looking, balanced and sustainable approach to its activities and integrates their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

In accordance with its signing of the United Nations Global Compact in February 2013 and with its vision for long-term activities, UUDS Group strives to be a reference in its industrial sector in terms of social responsibility, setting up a series of clearly identified commitments to ensure its profitable growth go along the promotion of social values and environment quality.

These commitments are listed below according to the 4 themes selected by the Group :

• Social Challenge
• Planet Challenge
• Ethical Challenge
• Survival Challenge